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Before any aquatic outing in Fort Smith or elsewhere, it’s critical that you stop by a marine supply store to ensure you have the necessary boat supplies and safety equipment. We carry a wide selection of some of the best supplies at affordable prices, so be sure to stock up at Big Wave Boats before your next trip.

The Only Marine Supply Store Fort Smith Needs

At Big Wave Boats, we have all the essential marine and boating supplies Fort Smith boaters will ever need. From high quality aquatic equipment to clothing and safety supplies, our fully stocked marine supply store has exactly what our Fort Smith customers need.

Wide Selection of Boating Supplies

There are certain supplies that are essential to every boat owner in Fort Smith and beyond. Whether you need life vests and jackets, first aid kit, ropes, anchors, and much more, Big Wave Boats can make sure you get great supplies at a fair price.

Helpful Boat Supply Store

A good boat supply store is adept at helping out both novice and veteran boaters, ensuring they get the supplies they need. From spare parts and accessories, Big Wave Boats has the best brands and equipment to make sure your family and friends are safe and fully prepared on the water.

Boat Safety Equipment Every Fort Smith Boater Should Have

No Fort Smith boater should ever get out on the water without the proper boat safety equipment — no matter their skill or experience level. Any time you take the water, you should always have onboard a first aid kid, flotation devices and life jackets, a flare, and a suitable anchor with a strong cable. If you aren’t sure exactly what boat safety equipment you need, our staff at Big Wave Boats is happy to help out.

Boat Dealership
That Does it all

When Fort Smith, AR boat enthusiasts want to find the best new and used boat brands on the market, they should turn to Big Wave Boats. Whether you’re looking for Manitou fishing and recreation boats or world class two boats like Centurion and Supreme, we have what you need. Plus, we have a comprehensive service center that has manufacture certified technicians as well as summarization and winterization services for Fort Smith, AR boat enthusiasts. It is paramount to know not only what you’re buying and how to use it, but also the reputation of the dealership you’re trusting to purchase from. Big Wave Boats’ reputation is renowned, and we encourage you to stop by our dealership today!

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