Recreation Pontoon Boats for Sale in Arkansas: Manitou Recreation Pontoon Boat Dealer

At Big Wave Boats, we are a certified dealership that sells used and new Manitou pontoon boats for recreational activities in Arkansas. Our recreation pontoon boats for sale are fitted with premium fishing first seating layout, multifunctional rear seats, multiple cup holders, and digital displays, making them an ideal mix of features and value. No matter what your activity is, Manitou hulls wield the flexibility and functionality to make it happen. Cutting through rough water conditions smoothly, Manitou boats are prepared to make the most of every adventure you throw at them.

A Certified Manitou Recreation Pontoon Boat Dealer in Arkansas

With us being a certified Manitou pontoon boat dealer in Arkansas, you can rest assured we’ll comprehensively inspect each pre-owned boat according to our mechanical and appearance standards, will offer up to date information and, will provide you access to the best deals possible. Built to perform on all fronts – performance, innovative features, and unrivaled handling, our Manitou recreation pontoon boats for sale in Arkansas are designed specially to offer enhanced control and unmatched stability. So, visit our dealership in Arkansas to browse used and new recreation pontoon boats for sale.

Arkansas’s Finest Manitou Pontoon Boat Dealer for Buying Recreation Pontoon Boats

A Manitou recreation pontoon boat offers a variety of floor plans, a range of configurations, various steering systems, and ample comfort for all day drifting. Manufactured to deliver maximum performance, it’s the accurate positioning of the center tube in a Manitou boat, along with positive angle lifting strakes, that leads to the appropriate degree of dead rise required to efficiently displace water. Suited for wakeboarding, waterskiing, fishing, and cruising in Arkansas, a Manitou recreation pontoon boat can take your boating experience to the next level.

Enjoy Your Free Time — Buy a New Manitou Recreation Pontoon Boat in Arkansas

Are you looking to buy a new Manitou pontoon boat but are unable to find an option that fits your lifestyle at any dealership in Arkansas? Equipped with a large, quality inventory of Manitou boats, you can rely on Big Wave Boats to offer boats that are ideal for your needs, budget, and aesthetic. Our Manitou pontoon boat dealer values the dynamic we’ve forged with our clients in Arkansas, which is why we consistently work to improve our service value. So, whether you need an Encore Pro Angler, 2022 Oasis, or a 2021 Aurora LE, you can find it all at our dealership.

Browse Used Pontoon Boats for Sale at Our Manitou Pontoon Boat Dealer

The decision to buy a pre-owned boat in Arkansas is a wise investment, as you get to leverage the performance capabilities of a new boat at an affordable price. However, in certain cases, a pre-owned boat in Arkansas can have concealed defects, which are hard for you to detect. With us by your side, you can browse and buy comprehensively inspected pre-owned Manitou pontoon boats in Arkansas, including a 2019 Manitou 23 Encore, 2019 Aurora 20RF, and a 2016 21 RF VP.

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When Fort Smith, AR boat enthusiasts want to find the best new and used boat brands on the market, they should turn to Big Wave Boats. Whether you’re looking for Manitou fishing and recreation boats or world class two boats like Centurion and Supreme, we have what you need. Plus, we have a comprehensive service center that has manufacture certified technicians as well as summarization and winterization services for Fort Smith, AR boat enthusiasts. It is paramount to know not only what you’re buying and how to use it, but also the reputation of the dealership you’re trusting to purchase from. Big Wave Boats’ reputation is renowned, and we encourage you to stop by our dealership today!

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