Luxury Class Pontoon Boats for Sale in Arkansas: Manitou Luxury Class Pontoon Boat Dealer

At Big Wave Boats, we are a certified dealership for retailing used and new Manitou pontoon boats to clients in Arkansas. A Manitou pontoon boat is distinguished by its superior design, craftsmanship, performance, and use of innovative technology. From setting up custom financing plans, offering test drives to curating custom shopping experiences, our Manitou pontoon boat dealer service in Arkansas specializes in accommodating the specific needs of our clientele. To experience the pioneering V-Toon technology and the breathtaking performance of a luxury class pontoon boat, visit our dealership in Arkansas today!

Choose a Certified Manitou Luxury Class Pontoon Boat Dealer in Arkansas

A certified Manitou luxury class pontoon boat dealer in Arkansas, we offer valid warranty, access to the best deals possible, and transparency throughout the shopping process. Built with a capacity for up to 16 people, V-Toon technology, an upgraded sound system, and digital vessel control features, our luxury class pontoon boat for sale is designed for exploring endless possibilities. From bow to stern, a Manitou luxury class pontoon is ideal for fishing, cruising, hosting parties, or even waterskiing in Arkansas.

Why Choose a Luxury Class Pontoon Boat for Sale in Arkansas?

Our Manitou pontoon boat dealer in Arkansas offers a large, quality inventory of Manitou luxury class boats that offer exquisite craftsmanship, helping them stand out both on and off the water. From retailing a 2022 XT for its painted fiberglass walls and soft vinyl seating to selling a 2022 LX that enables you to operate your boat at the touch of a button, our inventory of Manitou pontoon boats is curated to satisfy our clientele in Arkansas.

Want to Buy a New Manitou Luxury Class Pontoon Boat?

Are you looking to buy a luxury class pontoon boat but are unable to find a reliable dealership in Arkansas? If that’s the case, then consider consulting our Manitou pontoon boat dealer in Arkansas. A one stop solution for buying Manitou pontoon boats, we retail a 2021 Manitou 23 Aurora that offers plenty of additional bench seating and a 2021 Manitou 18 Aurora LE that is designed with a spacious rear sundeck. With the satisfaction of our clientele being our top priority, you can trust our team at Big Wave Boats to pick and choose an ideal Manitou luxury class pontoon boat for you.

Bring Home a Used Manitou Luxury Class Pontoon Boat in Arkansas

Buying a used boat is a smart investment, as you get to preserve the performance capabilities of a new boat at a budget conscious price. Our used Manitou luxury class pontoon boats are thoroughly inspected for any mechanical and appearance defects, making sure you hit the water with a highly performing, safe boat. So, visit our Manitou luxury class pontoon boat dealer in Arkansas to buy a used 2017 Aurora 20 RF or a 2016 Manitou Encore 23 VP pontoon boat.

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